I provide leadership coaching and training that helps you get the results you want and the inspiration you need.  Let's discuss which program is right for you.

One-on-one Leadership Coaching

One-on-one coaching helps you develop the skills and confidence you need to meet the ever growing demands and challenges you face leading teams and managing change.  How can you do this while trying to maintain work-life balance?   We address all of this and more.

Team Building and Leadership Development

This program is for new teams, existing teams, and executive education groups.  We get at the heart of how to lead with impact through dynamic discussions and activities.   Topics include:  increasing efficiency, improving creativity, accelerating connectedness, giving and receiving feedback, stress management, motivating others, and time-management.  We look at how to create positive, productive and thriving environments.

360 Feedback, Thinking Style Assessment, and Values Discovery

These three assessments will help you learn a lot about how you and others approach tasks and conversations in very different or similar ways.   This knowledge can help you increase understanding and collaboration and reduce conflict.  It is helpful when building teams, examining expectations, making decisions and planning for the future. 

Photography and Leadership - Presentation and Practice

This is a highly interactive session focusing on awareness, insight, perspective changing and flexibility.   Participants will be given photographic assignments to learn how their unique perspectives influence both personal and work interactions.  The visual results will help illuminate individual thought processes and teach ways to quickly shift perspectives when needed.

Health Coaching - Wellness Sessions

Discussions are unique to you and address sleep, exercise, stress reduction, food consumption, relaxation and physical challenges.

A Special Blend

Depending on what you want and when you want it, a blend of different types of sessions will make the most sense.  Let's discuss the types of positive change YOU want.


Pricing varies depending on the choice of programs